The club meets at Dapto Ribbonwood Centre in the Heininger Room ~ 7:30 pm, every 2nd Tuesday of each month, membership is open to anyone seeking to register their historic autos or non-modified classic vehicles that is 30 years or older, prospective new members may attend any monthly meeting, please introduce yourself on arrival then we will introduce you to our club, take the opportunity to meet and greet members, gain a feel for the good nature of the club and appreciation for the activities our club regularly enjoys.             Note: to maintain your membership conditions apply.

Supper provided at the end of each meeting, time to enjoy fellowship, become inspired by other like-minded folk living their dream cruising around in your favourite set of wheels. ‘Life’s fantastic and it just keeps getting better’.

Occasionally, we have members’ autos available on offer, you can reference the historic vehicle scheme and conditional registration guidelines easily downloaded Forms.

The Club is affiliated with both CMC and CHMC enquiries can be submitted to us → select ‘Contacts’ for all online communications.

Established: 1969